Source code for pinttr.validators

from ._metadata import MetadataKey
from .exceptions import UnitsError
from .util import units_compatible

[docs] def has_compatible_units(instance, attribute, value): """ Validate if ``value`` has units compatible (in the sense of :func:`~pinttr.units_compatible`) with ``attribute``. Only works with unit-enabled fields created with :func:`pinttr.ib`. """ compatible_units = attribute.metadata[MetadataKey.UNITS]() try: if not units_compatible(value.units, compatible_units): raise UnitsError( units1=value.units, units2=compatible_units, extra_msg=f": incompatible units '{value.units}' " f"used to set field '{}' " f"(allowed: '{compatible_units}').", ) except AttributeError: # value.units doesn't exist raise UnitsError( units1=None, units2=compatible_units, extra_msg=f": unitless value '{value}' " f"used to set field '{}' " f"(requires units '{compatible_units}').", )