Source code for pinttr._next_gen

APIs in the style of attrs's next-generation APIs.
from typing import Union

import pint
from attr import NOTHING

from ._generator import UnitGenerator
from ._make import attrib

[docs] def field( *, default=NOTHING, validator=NOTHING, repr=NOTHING, hash=None, init=True, metadata=None, converter=NOTHING, factory=None, kw_only=False, eq=None, order=None, on_setattr=NOTHING, units: Union[None, pint.Unit, UnitGenerator] = None, ): """ Identical to :func:`pinttr.ib`, except keyword-only and with some arguments removed. .. versionadded:: 21.3.0 """ return attrib( default=default, validator=validator, repr=repr, hash=hash, init=init, metadata=metadata, converter=converter, factory=factory, kw_only=kw_only, eq=eq, order=order, on_setattr=on_setattr, units=units, )